Friday, 24 March 2017

Basic Information About a Joint Replacement Surgery

When it comes to talk about a joint replacement, prominent surgeons claim that it is about surgically removing a damaged joint and putting in a new one. A joint in human body is where two or more bones meet, such as hip, knee and shoulder. The surgery is done by a trained orthopedic surgeon. In some cases, the surgeon doesn’t remove the whole joint but replace or fix the damaged parts.

Replacing a joint would relieve the pain and help you move faster and better. It also improves the quality of life. Other joints that can be replaced are the shoulders, ankles, fingers and elbows. Joint can be damaged by injuries, arthritis, infection and other diseases. Overuse or arthritis causes the joint to wear away. This condition may cause pain, swelling and stiffness. On the other hand, damage and diseases inside a joint can limit the blood flow, and cause problems in the bones.

During the Joint Replacement Surgical procedure, the team will give you medicine to comfort you while the surgery. This medicine may block the pain only one area of the body, or it may put the whole body to sleep. After giving you general anesthesia, the team then replaces the damaged joint with a new man-made joint. Since each surgery is different, time taken in the surgery depends on the condition of the joint and process of the surgery.

Usually, a Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery takes about two or less hours, until there are complicating factors. After the surgery, the patient is moved to a recovery room for one or two hours unless he/she is fully awake or the numbness vanishes. There are a number of hospitals in India offering Knee Replacement Services, but Primus Hospital is the finest one. The hospital has a state-of-the-art Joint Replacement Hospital pioneer in providing world class treatment options such as advanced joint replacement, minimally invasive anterior hip replacement and implantation of patient-specific devices.

Under the supreme leadership of Dr. Surya Bhan, The Orthopedics Department has been treating patients even with complex conditions. Having an experience of more than 30 years in teaching and training Orthopedic Surgeons, Dr. Surya Bhan has enriched the department with talented surgeons. Hundreds of Joint Replacements are performed in the department each year.

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Kidney Transplant at Primus Hospital in India

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs of human body located just below the rib cage. Each kidney is about the size of a fist. The kidneys are mainly responsible for removing the wastes from the blood, control the body’s fluid balance, as well as regulate the balance of electrolytes. Along with filtering the blood, kidneys create urine, which collects in the kidney’s pelvis. If you encounter any kind of kidney problem you better reach the finest urologist in your locality. There is a condition called end-stage renal disease that can be treated only in a leading Kidney Transplant Hospital in India.

There are a number of hospitals offering solutions to kidney related problems, but Primus Hospital is the finest in India. The hospital offers a state-of-the-art Department of Urology and Kidney Transplant Surgery that has been running for a very long time under the valuable supervision of Dr. Pankaj Wadhwa. The hospital has world class operation theaters and dedicated team of experienced Nephrologists, Anesthetists and postoperative staff. All of its operation theaters are equipped with advanced technology, such as 100 watts Lumenis Holmium Laser for prostate and Stone surgeries.

The sole aim of the department is to offer all patients with high standards urology services in terms of investigation work up, diagnosis, surgical procedures and follow up on easy cost. World class urologists at Primus Hospital also offer Pancreas Transplant in Delhi with higher success rate. Having a firm belief in its philosophy of ‘patient first’, the center is dedicated to offer highest level of patient care with compassion. An expert team of qualified urologists believes that a successful Kidney Transplantation Surgery frees a patient from the need of dialysis and many more problems, and provides one stop solution to renal problems.

Under the leadership of renowned Urologist and Transplant Surgeon Dr. Wadhwa, the team of urologists at Primus Super Speciality Hospital performs hundreds of successful Kidney Transplant Surgeries each year. Expertise and unmatched experience of our eminent doctors have helped providing quality care to our valuable patients. The hospital also provides a number of facilities to its international patients.

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Get Your Brain Tumor Treated Successfully in Delhi

A human being is known as the finest creation of the god. Humans have evolved in a way that most of things and activities seem to be under their control. However, there are numerous threats that we humans are exposed to. There are certain illnesses which have become very common and posing threats to human life. Among a number of life-threatening diseases, brain tumor is the one which needs to be taken into account significantly. When it comes to brain tumors they can be cancerous or non-cancerous. Brain tumors don’t discriminate among its victims and may occur at any age. The exact cause of brain tumors is not clear and its symptoms basically depend on the size, type and location.

The common symptoms of brain tumors are: headaches; tingling and numbness in the legs and arms: memory problems and seizures; balance and walking problems; nausea and vomiting; mood and personality problems; changes in vision, speech, or hearing. If you are the one experiencing any kind of symptoms you must visit a leading Brain Tumor Treatment Hospital. When it comes to understand brain tumors they are nothing but a growth of abnormal cells within the brain. Nowadays, a number of treatments are available for both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors. Some of the most preferred procedures for treating tumors are:
Radiation Therapy

After the treatment the doctor or surgeon will suggest you to maintain a healthy routine and keep yourself away from smoking and alcohol. There are a number of hospitals offering treatment for brain tumors, but Primus Super Specialty Hospital is the Best Hospital in Delhi. The hospital has been a world class hospital located in the heart of New Delhi. The hospital is designed to use advanced medical technology available in the world.

The hospital is situated on a serene location and the infrastructure is conducive to faster recovery, health and well being of the patients. Recently, the hospital has earned a great reputation and conferred with different awards for offering a team of Best Pediatric Doctors. The team of pediatricians has gained popularity for managing the physical, metal and emotion well being of the patients.

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