Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Primus Hospital India Recognize As the Best Dialysis Centre

Bureau of kidney transplant has been built at the Primus Super strength Hospital under Dr. M. S JHA, MCh who have over 10 years of involvement in part of kidney transplant, laparoscopies urological surgeries and laser endoscopic. The clinic has a world class condition of craftsmanship secluded operation theaters, committed KT-ICU and devoted group of neurologists, Anesthetists and post agent staff.

The doctor's facility operation theaters are outfitted with cutting edge innovation with 100 watts Lumenis Holmium Laser for Prostate and Stone surgeries separated from the full scope of Urological instruments including Flexible Ureterorenoscope. The specialist point is to furnish all patients with the world class urology benefits regarding analysis, examination work up, surgical systems and catch up at a reasonable expense. They are decently perceived Nephroplus Dialysis Center in Delhi

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