Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Primus Hospital: The Best Treatment for All Musculoskeletal Pain

At Primus hospital we offer a full range of treatment for chronic back and neck pain. Our specialty lies in treating spine related problems, complex regional pain syndromes (RSD), intractable neuropathic pain, shingles, trigeminal neuralgia and spinal cord injuries. Our latest techniques have provided a leading-edge in modalities to treat cancer pain and neuropathic pain syndromes. Our group also provides comprehensive treatment for chronic pelvic pain.

The therapies which we offer at our hospital include evaluation and consultation for all kinds of pain therapy. We also provide diagnostic and therapeutic spinal injection. We also provide facet joint nerve block, spinal drug delivery system and trigger point injection.  At our pain medicine center we provide you with the best treatment for musculoskeletal and joint injection. We also provide non invasive laser therapy when suggested by the physicians. We also treat conditions like Peripheral nerve block celiac plexus block and hypogastric block.

At Primus Hospital pain center we encourage active involvement in patient care and carry specialties in physical medicine, clinical psychology, physical therapy, neuro biofeedback therapy and rehabilitation. We keep ourselves updated with the latest advancements to treat pain and spinal cord conditions. Moreover our office is equipped with high-level devices such as spinal cord stimulators and neuro axial drug delivery systems. In case of pain that are less responsive to traditional approaches, we provide injections and pharmacological treatments. At our pain center we have a one month residential pain management rehabilitation program that is available for patients looking for a complete and inclusive route to recovery. We have special facilities where we refer patients for more specialized care.

Our goal is to goal to help patients develop independence in treating pain. Our entire program at pain medicine center is running successfully and patients can experience reduced pain, improved coping strategies, positive stress management and increased endurance and stamina. The administration depends on physical manifestation as well as an all encompassing methodology towards dealing with an agony issue and cooking towards its belongings is attempted, how you feel your torment and how you can oversee it is our fundamental focus in adding to these projects.

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