Thursday, 22 December 2016

Building a Healthy Community with the Best Pulmonology Treatment

We are the Best Pulmonology Hospitals in India and our pulmonary department is the subspecialty of internal medicine which focuses on the diagnosis and management of disorders of the respiratory system, including the lungs, upper airways, thoracic cavity and chest wall. We provide treatment for the most common respiratory problems which are treated by general internists and other specialty physicians, practicing pulmonary medicine often known as Pulmonologists.

We are the Best Pulmonary Medicine Center in Delhi and diagnose unknown disorders and assist in managing difficult, unusual or complicated diseases of the respiratory system.

All our Pulmonologist at Primus Hospital has expertise in treating various conditions like structural, inflammatory, infectious and neoplastic disorders of the lung parenchyma, pleura and airways, pulmonary vascular disease and its effect on the cardiovascular system.

Our regular treatment provides detection and prevention of occupational and environmental causes of lung disease. The Primus Hospital in India evaluates disease like asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD), emphysema, lung cancer, interstitial and occupational lung diseases, complex lung and pleural infections including tuberculosis, pulmonary hypertension and cystic fibrosis. There are specific pulmonologists who focus on sleep-disordered breathing such as sleep apnea and may provide diagnostic and therapeutic services in sleep laboratories.

One of the most commonly occurring diseases includes Asthma and over 1/10th of the total Asthma patients in the world are in India. The disease is a common inflammatory condition of the airway that affects people of all ages and groups. It not only imposes a human and economic burden on the family but an asthmatic situation for the nation. Today, Primus Hospital is the Best Hospital in India for not only treating Pulmonology disorders but for all the types of medical disorders.

It is a common inflammatory condition of the airway that affects people of all ages and groups. This imposes a human and economic burden on not only the family of an asthmatic but also the nation. The asthma disease is on the rise because of recent changes in our global environment. The air pollution and particulate dust matters also contribute to the rising asthma cases in India and other parts of the world.

Asthma is a long-term disease which has no cure but one can control the disease by controlling chronic condition like asthma coughing and shortness of breath. Proper care suggested by our doctors can reduce the need for quick-relief medicines, help you maintain good lung function, help you maintain normal activity level and sleep through the night.

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