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About us for IVF Centre - Primus India

The hectic lifestyle pattern and especially the professional approach towards life has become the major cause for rise in infertility rates in India and other parts of the world.  When you are becoming a professional you lose a lot as you add work related stress, irregular eating habits, lack of attachment with your partner as you are mostly involved in your regular duty schedule.

The causes for infertility could be from your birth, may be hereditary cause or may be a result of internal injury. Let’s just not lose hopes and start getting a bit depressed for there are many couples who had fertility issues but have driven back happily home on conceiving. So there could be many reasons to complain but let’s find out a resolution and that is at our world class IVF specialty unit at Primus Hospital, New Delhi. 


Our vision is to provide the best solution to all the couples having infertility issues and get their dreams to have a child of their own.


Our mission is to rank as the number one In Vitro Fertility center in the country. When it comes to reproductive care we have the best team of expert doctors who assures 200 % success rates. We think to give parenthood to every couple who walk into our clinic.

Male and Female Infertility 

There could be many causes of infertility in females and it could be enlisted as
•    When the fallopian tube is injured or damaged
•    Ovulatory dysfunction due to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
•    Endometriosis
•    Congenital (i.e. from birth)
•    Unexplained infertility
•    Repeated pregnancy loss

The causes of infertility is not only limited to women but in many cases even the men are infertile. The reason could be.

•    Problems related to sperm Production
•    Blockage of sperm transport
•    Problems related to erection and ejaculation
•    Hormonal problem 

IVF facilities
We have the best possible facilities along with the team of best doctors who assure complete commitment with the latest equipments to give back parenthood and a smile back on the couple faces. The facilities are as follows.

Reproduction by the Third Party:
The major parties which are involved in third party reproduction include the sperm donar, ovum donar and embryo donation.

Sperm Donor
In case of sperm donor the sperm is donated by an anonymous person and the sample is screened for an array of infectious disease. The sperm is frozen and is quarantined for at least six months. When the donor has re-tested negative for infectious disease the insemination could be carried out for IVF.

Egg donation or Ovum Donation
In case of egg donation the egg donor must take inject able medication to produce multiple eggs also termed as ovarian hyper stimulation. A Transvaginal outpatient surgical procedure is carried for retrieval of eggs. The eggs are then fertilized and the resulting embryos are transferred to the uterus of the recipient.

Embryo Donation
Embryo donation is the process which involves psychological evaluation and medical screening. The process demands a legal agreement done between the parties. In embryo donation, frozen embryos is donated from one infertile couple to the other infertile couple through IVF.

Surrogacy is also a kind of third party reproduction where a woman i.e. surrogates uses her own eggs and intended father’s sperm to create a baby. After the birth the parental rights of surrogate is terminated and the intended parents adopt the child.

There are stages in IVF treatment when treatment doesn’t work. In such scenarios the patient needs to recover physically and emotionally as well. Moreover at Primus Hospital we have Dr. (Brig) R. K Sharma one of the leading consultants in forming several new and customized protocols which has actually increased the success rate of conceiving across the globe.

Having such an iconic personality has made us the number one institute to take up the most complicated cases of IVF. So even when there is some complicated cases at our centre, there is still a silver lining which you could in the eyes of the couples as they know they have Dr. Sharma a experienced and humble personality to bring back smile of parenthood.

The success rate has a varying figure and at Primus IVF facility the success rate which was around 60% has increased to 200 % due to doctors like DR. Sharma and with the latest employed technology like Embryo-Scope, Latest Ultramodern IVF Lab, equipped with the latest &ultramodern machines.

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