Thursday, 21 January 2016

Primus Nigeria Blog: The Hospital with Best Ambience and Prompt Service

Primus Hospital at Nigeria is one such good hospital which is known for its best services worldwide. The OPD (out patient department), IPD (In patient department services) and Intensive care unit (ICU) is one of the best in services when it comes to healing and delivering the desired output. The outpatient service includes more than twelve specialties which include bone and joint, spine department, physiotherapy, radiology, cardiology, pathology, dental sciences, dietrics and nutrition and general surgery.

The inpatient department is another important area which is managed by the administrative department, nurses and the doctors. At primus Nigeria you could find out the best possible quality of medical and nursing care for any admitted patient. Primus hospital Nigeria is believed to provide the best atmosphere and facilities of the highest degree of job satisfaction for all its staff members and doctors. There have a been a record 2755 successful surgeries which have been carried out till date and that’s a record in itself. Moreover there is always a word of praise when people talk about their stay at Primus Hospital. Our duty is to bring back smile on the faces of every patient who has got admitted due to any chronic disease conditions. Thanks to the genius group of intellectual doctors who wait for the best services.

The ambulance service is one of the best at Primus Hospital Nigeria. There are more than twenty ambulances which are well equipped with the latest technology to handle the most complex emergencies scenarios. The ambulance has all the latest gadgets which could be enlisted as ventilator, a defibrillator, oxygen and even other life saving drugs. The pharmacy service is also open round the clock and all the medication is available for both out patient and inpatients. The Nigerian government even has awarded the hospital for its various research related achievements in the field of medical sciences.
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