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Cancer Treatment Hospital
Surgical oncology is the branch of surgery connected to oncology. It concentrates on the surgical administration of tumors, particularly destructive tumors. As one of a few modalities in the administration of cancer, the specialty of surgical oncology has evolved in steps similar to medical oncology which grew out of hematology and radiation oncology. At Primus hospital we have the best oncology service in India. Surgery is done for many reasons. Some types of surgery are minor and may be called procedures, while others are much bigger operations. The more common types of cancer surgeries are reviewed here. Surgery is regularly used to analyze disease. Much of the time, the best way to know whether a man has tumor and what sort of disease it is, is by taking out a bit of tissue called a specimen and testing it. This is regularly called a biopsy. The conclusion is made by looking at the cells of the specimen under a magnifying lens or by doing other lab tests on it. There are numerous approaches to get an example of cells from a territory that seems as though it may be tumor.

Surgical oncology focuses on the surgical management of tumors, especially cancerous tumors. Restorative or Reconstructive surgery is another way to improve the way a person looks after major cancer surgery. The procedure is also used to restore the function of an organ or body part after surgery. Some of the major example of this surgery includes breast reconstruction after mastectomy or the use of tissue flaps, bone grafts, or prosthetic materials after surgery for head and neck cancer. When most of the people think about surgery a great many people consider surgery, they picture a specialist utilizing a surgical blade and other surgical instruments to cut into and uproot, repair or supplant parts of the body influenced by disease.

Oncology is one of the major area of medical science where development and research is going on every now and then. With development in technology there are many more current methods, utilizing distinctive sorts of instruments, have extended the idea of what surgery is. Some of these strategies includes the laser surgery, cryosurgery and electro surgery.

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