Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Get Stronger With the Best Health Care for Life and Sports

Primus Hospital is well known hospital in Delhi today. One of the most appealing department which takes special care includes the Sports and Exercise Medicine department which takes care of the recreational and elite athlete. We have a team of highly experienced Physiotherapists. With best diagnosing, treatment and rehabilitation for all sports and musculoskeletal injuries we are one of the Best Sports Medicine Hospital in Delhi.

It’s a true fact that the correct diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation go a long way in preventing further injuries. All our doctors and physiotherapist have substantial experience working with numerous sports at all levels. With a variety of state of the art imaging techniques and blood tests available with in the hospital. We have a team which has expertise in managing chronic tendon injuries, injuries leading to lower back pain. We treat various acute ailments like injuries to ligaments, and the sprained ankle which is one of the most common injuries seen in the sports arena.

Depending upon the injury, they can be classified according to the degree of injury. When it is grade 1 sprain few ligament fibres are damaged or stretched. There is little swelling also which is observed and may be loss of function. When it comes to grade 2 sprains, more fibres are damaged and there is partial tear and some loss of function. In grade 3, the pain response can be variable, as the nerve fibres supplying the ligaments are also damaged and tend to reduce overall pain.

Most of the sports injuries occur in athletic activities and these injuries are due to overuse or acute trauma of a part of the body when participating in a certain activity. Everyone knows that injuries are a common occurrence in professional sports and most teams have a staff of Athletic Trainers. However when the injury is serious and the intervention by a sports injury specialist is must then you can visit our sports medicine department to get the best result. With the usage of latest state of the art technology we are one of the Best Sports Medicine Center in India today.

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