Friday, 19 August 2016

Bettering the Human Condition with Best Brain Treatment

At Primus Hospital in Delhi, the Brain center is completely dedicated to treat psychology, psychiatry, drug addiction. The rehabilitation is committed to providing world class health care services at the most affordable cost in the field of Brain related problem. India, like almost any other modern country, has a drug and alcohol addiction problem on the rise. It’s not abnormal to see cases of addiction in rise by over 10% year over year. Drug addiction is still quite common, especially among those with great wealth. as per scientific research work from 1990 to 2010 drug use in the India crossed has risen to its max ever limits. As India continues to grow in International market and adding the latest facilities, this problem will likely only get worse. Therefore there has been always an addition to overall patient increase in drug intake and thereby adding patients to psychology and psychiatry department. We provide the best brain surgery treatment Primus hospital.

Our brain center has played a key role in treating patients suffering from disease like Alzheimer disease. The patients suffering from dementia may experience variety of issue such as loss of memory, as loss of memory and impairment in judgment, language, motor skills and intellectual function. These symptoms are often caused by the damage or death of neurons. Alzheimer disease often causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. There may be confusion, restlessness, personality changes and problems with making sense when talking. Other problems seen include personality changes, problems with judgment, problems with making sense when talking. There may be problems in eyesight even and also identifying how objects around you relate to you.

Some of the major cause of Alzheimer disease is believed to be age and family history, certain genes, abnormal protein deposits in the brain, environmental factors and immune system problems. Alzheimer disease is a progressive disease and it means that memory problems and problems with doing daily tasks gradually get worse. Every single person is affected differently, but people with Alzheimer disease have mood and behavior problems that make it difficult for family members to care for them.

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