Friday, 12 August 2016

Providing a Full Spectrum of Renal Solution

The patients who are on dialysis and who smoke a lot are more likely to die and less likely to receive a kidney transplant than non-smokers. Generally patients with coronary artery disease and who still smoke a lot are at a higher risk of death as compared to nonsmoker without cardiovascular disease. Obviously the age, gender, race and other potential facts also have a strong impact. Those smokers who had a prior stroke attack have a much higher chances of death as compared to those who never had a stroke. Patients without coronary disease, prior stroke or peripheral artery disease experience high mortality risks, compared with non-smokers. The adverse effect of smoking on mortality was significantly greater for younger patients than older patients, as per the research conducted on a specific population. Primus Hospital is the Best Kidney problem hospital in Delhi.

We believe strongly that greater focus and attention should be given to the identification of patients who are smokers at all stages of CKD, including those who have developed kidney failure and require dialysis. Almost all the patients young and old, should be regularly counseled and should be encouraged to quit smoking by using smoking cessation strategies. There are multiple ways by which encounters can be established between the patients and healthcare provider to put a stop on smoking to improve the overall situation. It’s also a important fact that everyone kidney patients should know i.e the recipients of kidneys donated after cardiac death by individuals older than 50 years are more likely to experience graft loss and delayed graft function.

We at Primus Kidney Transplant & Dialysis Center is dedicated to provide the highest standards of patient care with human touch, offering pioneering procedures that minimize risk and hasten recovery. Primus nephrology has the latest technology for diseases of the urinary system. We are the world best neurology and nephrology specialist taking care of all the health conditions. With recent researches and the ability of teaching we have been able to overall standards of patient care. At Primus hospital in Delhi we works as a cohesive team with interdisciplinary interactions between urologists, nephrologists, medical and radiation oncologists.

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