Friday, 16 September 2016

Primus Hospital The Best Emergency Service Provider

Life is peaceful and quite serene in nature but it may take a sudden turn which is never known to any individual. The first thing which comes in mind any medical emergency situation is the ambulance services. So when you need a medical help we at Primus Hospital have 24 hour emergency care and also 24 hour ambulance service. So when you are arriving at the 24 hour Emergency you will be asked for some basic information to complete your registration. Generally you could have a male nurse or female nurse to examine the vital signs which would define the severity of your condition. We at Primus Hospital see everyone regardless of insurance coverage or the ability to pay.

The next stage on determining the severity of the medical condition is to decide which patients requires the immediate medical attention. So there could be a condition that though you have arrived first for the treatment but there is someone who is in much greater need than you. So don’t get upset if there is a delay, please be aware that we know you are here and we will see you as quickly as possible. At the 24 hour emergency front desk services we have a person who is allotted to complete the documentation process where all your records is completed and feeded in the computer. All this computerized method improves patient safety and confidentiality.

After proper check up you might be asked to change into a hospital gown. Our staff and nurses would be there to help you change request so that we can take care of you as efficiently as possible. When there is a family member or friend who accompanies you into the 24 Hours Emergency Treatment area, that person should remain with you at all times. We limit the visitors from one to two and we take strict measure to maintain the decorum the hospital.

As per the case severity we assign an attending physician who is board-certified in emergency medicine or a physician’s assistant advanced practitioner registered nurse or resident physician under the supervision of the attending physician.

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