Thursday, 20 October 2016

Hospital with Professional Expertise and The Latest Medicine & Surgery

Primus Hospital is an International Hospital which provides international standard, seamless & integrated healthcare services across all the units of group. We have group of highly qualified and trained doctors, nurses, adjunct staff and best-in-class professional expertise to ensure that you avail the latest in medicine & surgery. Today we stand out as one of the Best Hospital in Delhi, India.

Primus Hospital provides a broad range of in-patient and outpatient health care services. This is to match the needs of both domestic and overseas patients. Our inpatient services include medical, surgical and rehabilitation services. If you check our outpatient services it includes emergency services, day procedures, diagnostic and assessment services and Therapy Services.

We are a Super Specialty Hospital and have a dedicated team of doctors, which is contributed to setting quality standards for the Indian Health Care industry. We are recognized by various hospitals and doctors for our competitive treatment and services which we provide to our patients.

Primus Hospital has set the trends of using appropriate technology and management practices suited to Indian conditions. We ensure that the cost of health care does not go as high as it is in the developed countries.

We are one of the Best Heart Hospitals in India and have a comprehensive cardiac care program which is an amalgamation of eminent cardiologists, finest technology and evidence based practices in Non-invasive Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Cardiac Electro Physiology and CTVS procedures.

The cardiac sciences division at Primus Hospital is supported 24*7 emergency services and the hospital is also well equipped with medical facilities such as cardiac ambulance, life saving devices and a proficient Emergency team.

We are a Cardiology Hospital and have a team of expert cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and vascular surgeons who believe in carrying out an in-depth investigation of patient’s condition, taking into account patient’s complete medical history, therefore strategizing a tailored treatment and recovery plan.

We have our expertise in determining which patients are best suited for noninvasive procedure and who will have care procedure of one or more number of the coronary arteries. Depending upon the type blockage there may be partly or totally blocked, the heart is not able to get enough blood. This is called ischemic Heart Disease or Coronary Artery Disease and can cause chest pain.

The Coronary Artery is responsible for supplying blood to the heart muscles. One of the most common problems seen in Indians is the plaque formation which is forms in the arteries and is also sometimes called atherosclerosis. During this medical condition the smooth and elastic arteries become narrow and stiff. Our world renowned facilities and the Best Experts in Cardiac Care help us in caring for patients with Heart Disease.

Cardiology is a disorder of the heart and includes medical diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, Coronary Artery Disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and electrophysiology. Our cardiology department is one of the Centers of Excellence and one of the foremost in the country.

We are one of the best known names in the healthcare sector and have the state of the art facilities available for its patients. In case of various disorders pertaining to the nervous system and brain, we have a Brain Surgery Center which offers services in Brain Related Disorders. The department has the latest technologies and has a team of World Class Neurologists and Neurosurgeons, many of whom are faculty members.

We provide treatment for various disorders of the nervous system such as dementia, epilepsy, movement disorders, chronic pains, sleep disorders, headaches, multiple sclerosis and various other neuro-muscular diseases are effectively handled here.

Primus Hospital is one of Best Hospital in India providing cardiac care and Brain Surgery facilities at an affordable rate. We have a dedicated team of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and brain surgeons who are well-known for their expertise, knowledge, and vast experience.

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