Friday, 7 October 2016

Providing the Best Outcome for Every Patient Every Time

Primus Super Specialty Hospital is a hospital providing international standard, seamless & integrated healthcare services for all kinds of medical disorders. The hospital has a team of highly qualified and trained doctors, nurses, adjunct staff and best-in-class professional expertise which ensure the use of the latest medicine designed to serve the entire gamut of medical needs.

We are the Best Hospital in Delhi and provide a broad range of in-patient and outpatient health care services to match the needs of both domestic and overseas patient. The inpatient services include medical, surgical and rehabilitation services. Moreover for outpatient services we have emergency services, day procedures, diagnostic and assessment services, and therapy services.

Primus Hospital has played a pioneering role in defining quality standards for the Indian Health Care Industry by bringing the thought leaders of the industry on one platform to set the standards for Quality, Technology and Management of Health Care in India. We have a dedicated team of doctors who contribute to set quality standards for the Indian Health Care Industry. We are among the top ten hospitals in India and recognized by various organizations as a basis for pricing and accreditation.

Primus Hospital has set the trends of using appropriate technology and management practices suited to Indian conditions to ensure that the cost of health care does not go as high as it is in the developed countries. Today we are considered as one of the Best Heart Hospital in India. We have a team of best cardiologist and cardiothoracic surgeons who are completely dedicated to the prevention and treatment of cardiac disease. The prevention and treatment of cardiac diseases has led to the achievement of better outcomes and improved quality of life for thousands of cardiac patients who visit us each year with complex heart problems.

We have an advanced infrastructure which supports the complex nature of the cardiac care provided. Our third generation Cath Labs, Cardiac Critical Care Units and ICU units support our experienced cardiologists for performing successful procedures. With a success rate of over 95% in cardiac bypass surgeries, we stand ahead of the leading brands in the healthcare industry. Our performance says, that we are the Best Hospital in India.

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