Thursday, 25 February 2016

Get Back Your Active Life with Best Hospitality Service

We are all quite aware that our bones provide the body the desired support and form the shape of our face. The skull in our body is responsible for the protection of the brain and even forms the shape of our face. Again the spinal cord which is responsible for sending the message from the brain to other parts of the body is protected by our back bone. So the majority of sensible parts of the body have a strong coverage of bone and joints in India. In the same way the joints are also important as they join two bones together. There are different joints in our body like ball and socket joint, elbow joint, gliding joint, hip joint and saddle joint. Depending on the structure if the classification is done it could be enlisted as fibrous joints, cartilaginous joints and saddle joint. Noe if any individual has problems related to any of these joints or bone, Primus hospital is the right place as it has one of the best bone and joint centre in India.

The center brings together the expertise and services needed to effectively treat common and complex musculoskeletal disorders. Our center is a source of comprehensive care and has some of the most highly regarded board-certified medical specialists in the areas of Orthopaedic Surgery, Physiatry, Rheumatology and Radiology. The bone and joint center at Primus hospital also includes the services of licensed health care professionals in the areas of physical therapy as well as prosthetics and orthotics. We have staff that works together in a uniquely collegial atmosphere, so patients benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to care.

At our bone center we have ankle replacement department which deals with the complex deformity surgery of both the foot and ankle. The team approaches and considers it a privilege to take care of our patients. We as a team want to exceed expectations and provide our patients with a positive experience through a stressful time. Our team includes the physicians, midlevel providers and therapists look forward to serving you. So whenever you have any traumas which are related to bones or joint come to our state of art and get the best medical services you ever expected.

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